You Get What You Pay For


Cheap web hosting sounds attractive until you think about what it means: no company, small or great, can offer great personalized attention to your website needs without incurring costs for having tech support available when you need it. $5 a month usually means your site is hosted on a shared server with as many as 1500 other websites.

All it takes is one spammer or hacker to create an account, set up a script to e-mail forty million spam posts from the server and the load on the server spikes, giving your site visitors limited access to your site. It can even crash the server. Naturally the hosting company figures out who the spammer is and cancels his account, but there are hundreds of thousands of these spammers setting up a new domain and website hosting every day. Cheap hosting comes at a price.

Although you might think that going with a more expensive hosting option will protect you, you could be wrong. Some companies trick you by charging more for the same services as the competition, so look closely into what the hosting company offers for the price you’ll be paying.

Don’t forget to read all of the fine print, and if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. You know, “This company offers more for the same price!” Sometimes, that’s a giant red flag to stay away. Read through the company policies carefully!