Why I recommend Themify


Having been a web developer since 1996, I’ve seen a lot of trends come and go. When I adopted WordPress about six years ago, I found it was very user-friendly and easy to teach my clients so they could do their own updates. But the themes were all over the place. Some had limited customization, some were not easy to work with, and most were not responsive for mobile platforms. Trying to create a unique look and style for clients was very challenging.

I joined several theme clubs and tried hundreds of themes. A friend recommended Themify and once I tried their themes, I was hooked. The unique control panel in their themes gave almost endless customization possibilities and I could watch as the settings I changed happened right on the site in the preview screen. Fonts, colors, backgrounds, headers, all were easily adjusted and everything flowed into the responsive design.

When they came out with the Ultra theme, it was like having the Swiss army knife of wordpress themes. So many possibilities for customizing everything, from the layout and color scheme and fonts to the extras built into the Themify Builder. You want a slideshow? Click. You want rotating testimonials? Click. Featured content? Animated content? Contact forms. All in one place. It doesn’t get much better than this.

I manage a server for hosting my client sites and host more than 150 sites presently. All but one of them are WordPress, and more than 80% of them use Ultra from Themify. Themify makes my work easier and gives my clients a professional look at a reasonable cost.