I Need a Website!


Almost everyone in business knows they need a website, but most people don’t know what is involved in the process.  The first step toward a website is a domain name. Buying a domain name is easy enough. Coming up with a GOOD name that is AVAILABLE is the hard part. You need a name that is easy to spell, easy to remember, and something that connects to your business.  This is probably the biggest challenge you face on your way to a website. Most of the most obvious domain names are already taken. So you will need to exercise creativity.

Step 2: What does your website need to do? Is it a business site to tell customers how to reach you, with info about your services, and a contact form, or do you need an online store to sell products? Do you need a photo gallery? A slideshow? Video or audio? These are all things to organize before you go any further.

Step 3: A Web Host: once your site is built, the files have to be stored on a server somewhere. You will need hosting set up and will need to point your domain name to that server.

Step 4: A web developer. Do you want to build the site yourself? Have a friend or family member do it? Or hire a professional? That’s a huge decision, but much easier to make once you have the first three steps out of the way.