Focus on what you do best


A prospective client called me recently to discuss his need for a web site. As we talked, it came out that he was working on a painting that he wanted as his front page on the site. The site was not one to advertise his painting…it was to promote a book he was writing! And he was working on his book for several years.

I realized immediately that this was probably not going to be someone I wanted as a client, because he gets lost in the details. He spends so much time micromanaging the minutiae that he never gets the main thing done.So I tell my clients, do NOT focus on your website. If you were a great website developer you wouldn’t be looking to hire me! You do what you do best. If it’s running a store, giving great advice, or creating fashion jewelry from recycled materials…whatever you do, focus on doing THAT and don’t focus on your website, or SEO, or social marketing. You can study these things for years and by the time you become proficient in any one of them, that field will have changed and you will need to start all over again!

Be the best you can be at what you specialize in doing, and let me take care of what you need on your website.